Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Shopping Trip!

This is the part of the coupon experience that newbie coupon users either love, or hate. It can make a seasoned coupon user excited, or even fill with a bit of dread when we don't see our favourite cashier working.
This is the part of coupon use that shows your pay off! This is like the big exam at the end of a lot of study and paper work. The preparation that you have gone through for the past weeks, or days, is about to show through. The more time that you put into gathering coupons and trading, will be brought front and centre to show how organized and efficient at saving you really are, deep down. (and you will improve even more over time, with more practice)

You CAN do this!

Deep breath... enter store with coupon binder (or other) in hand. Bring your shopping list, flyers and your highlighter.

Get shopping! It takes time, even the seasoned coupon user and price matcher, takes time in the store.
Here's some reasons why:
1. We need to check our products. If the flyer states a certain item, we need to have “that” item in our cart (especially if price matching).

2. Check for clearance and in-store sales that aren't advertised. Manager's blow outs, etc. You can use a coupon with this, and get even bigger savings!

3. Watch the cashier as she/he rings each item through. This is not a time to chat, it's a time to focus. You need to be watching for prices that ring in incorrectly (then SCOP would apply), and to make sure that every coupon is accounted for.

4. If you aren't clear on something that is rang in, ASK! It is your money, you aren't given a set time limit at the check out; ask the cashier for clarity.

5. Be patient with the cashier, even if she/he isn't excited about the prospect of a stack of coupons and price-matches coming down the conveyor.

6. Ask for assistance if you need it from a manager; if a coupon is being rejected patiently ask why, if it's a written or new policy; something that you can see for yourself or have a copy of to take home and share with others (because you will share your experience with other people, it happens!) and get the information straight from the management if you can. If you can't, get the management's contact information and make arrangements to contact them at a later date/time.

7. If you have time, check your receipt before leaving the store. This takes time, but not too long... basically you know how many coupons you used... just count that number up and check your total number of items when you had multiples ring in. (it's easy to miss a multiple). Get it fixed before leaving the store. If you don't have time, check as soon as you get home.

8. Repeat steps 1-8 as often as you wish!

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