Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Where do You get ALL those Coupons!?

Step one:
Patiently await the arrival of your Smart Source, Red Plum and Brand Saver newspaper inserts. This is more difficult for some of us then we care to elaborate on.
Clip coupons, all of them, from the above flyers. Even if you won't use them personally, you will want to have a stash for trading (and gifting) on hand.

Step two:
This is not a step that all coupon users use, but I can safely assume that more use this method than do not.
Get yourself into the online community of trading. There are several great sites, some are better than others for ease of use; but generally they are an important part of being a coupon user.

Step three:
Trade! Set up trades in person, online and within your work or social groups. Every coupon user has a coupon that they “wish” they could find, and alternatively have a coupon they are usually ready to trade for that wish list coupon.

Step four:
While in stores (shopping, window shopping, etc) notice the tear off pads. Take a coupon for later use if you don't need it now, the coupons will be gone by the time you do need it. Remember, you may not need every coupon personally, but you may find someone who needs it and wants to trade you for something you want.
(example: Pantene products are on a coupon for $1 off until the end of December, 2011. You don't use Pantene at all, but know that I do. You contact me, making me aware of the coupon you just found and offering to trade it for a coupon that you are looking for. You may see my trade list online (something we'll discuss later) or, you may just know I use that product. You get the cheese coupon you have been wanting from me (example) for the Pantene coupon! We both save on our next shopping trip.)

Step five:
Talk to your friends, family, fellow co-workers and class mates to see if they use coupons, if they happen to get any that they won't be using, then just to kindly pass them on to you.
(example: Your neighbour down the street is seen recycling their cereal boxes every week faithly to keep the planet green, but doesn't cut the $5 off Skinny Cow coupons that are inside! Besides thinking that they didn't notice the coupon, you could ask them if you could have the coupons and if they will be getting more, to just let you know so you can pick them up! Offer to do all the cutting and recycle the boxes too, to save the neighbour time for their kindness. (Maybe even offer them an ice cream sandwich when you do pick them up with their coupon!)

Step six:
Print-at-home coupons... remember to go online and print coupons that you plan to use.

Step seven:
Sign up with flyers by email (some stores offer exclusive online coupons for e-flyer customers)

Step eight:
Sign up with online coupon companies. (a list will be provided with your class materials)...
(examples: save.ca, websaver.ca, gocoupons.ca, etc)

Step nine:
Sign up with P&G Brandsaver. They provide coupons (they send you, similar to save.ca) and they send out product samples twice per year (spring and fall usually). These samples go VERY quickly. You need to sign up and request them as soon as you see the email in your email box. Don't put it off, or the samples will be gone! (samples vary person to person, but could be personal care products (shampoo, razors, teeth whitening, floss, toothpaste) or even pringles chip samples!)

Step ten:
Repeat steps 1-10 for maximum savings potential!

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