Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to make a Shopping Trip plan: (to start your stock pile and maintain it)

Step one:
Organizing your coupons (this is made easier in a binder format, but you can use what works best for you). This will familiarize you with the coupons you have on hand (it will also give you an idea what coupons you should be trading for and watching the stores and inserts for).

Step two:
Make a list of things you need (you may mentally know the typical items like bread, butter, cheese, eggs, milk and hamburger; but write them all down for now).
Put down a list of things you are starting to run low on, but have another week left on (for example: you check your dish soap and note that it's got enough to last another week and you aren't at critical yet), write that down anyhow.
Make note of things you generally have to buy “all the time” like toilet paper.

Step three:
Collect your tools... your highlighter, pen and paper.

Step four:
Gather all the flyers that you have available, even stores you don't shop at.

Step five:
Go through each flyer, carefully. COMPARE each pack of toilet paper with the next store, see who has the best deal for the money you have and DON'T FORGET: you have coupons! Check for the item (say it's Royale Toilet paper on sale for $4.97 at Foodland, you have a $1 off coupon- you COMPARE the other flyers and what other coupons you have, and find the best deal that fits your needs; if you don't like Royale, don't buy it just because you have a coupon!)

Step six:
Write down the store that you are “shopping” at by flyer... at the top of your page. Under that, write down each item you want, the price (if the store makes a mistake at the till you need to know!!), quantities you want, if you have a coupon make an indication of that on the line as well.
Now, when you are checking out, it will be much easier for the cashier to price match all your items from each flyer at a time. And, not miss a coupon!

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